Can a particle have varying speed, but same velocity? And is the inverse possible? Also, please tell me why/why not.

Asked by Jolene Susan Mathews | 9th May, 2014, 09:29: AM

Expert Answer:

No. A particle cannot have varying speed with velocity remainig same.The velocity is a vector(i.e. it has magnitude and direction) and speed is a scalar(only magnitude). The velocity and speed are related to each other in the sense that velocity is a vector with speed representing it's magnitude. Inorder for veocity to be constant (i.e. same magnitude and same direction) speed should remain constant.
Yes, the inverse is possible. The uniform circular motion of a particle is the best example of it. In case of a uniform circular motion, the particle revolve at constant linear speed. However the direction of it's speed changes continuously. Hence the velocity of particle changes(due to change in direction) but it's linear speed remains constant. 

Answered by Ravindra Kapal | 9th May, 2014, 01:25: PM