Calculate the freezing point depression expected for 0.0711m aqueous soln. of Na2SO4. If this solution
actually Freezes at -0.320c, what would be the value of van’t Hoff Factor (Kf For water is 1.86kkgmol-1

Asked by Monikavyas097 | 29th Jun, 2021, 09:27: AM

Expert Answer:

Depression of freezing point is calculated by-
increment straight T subscript straight f space equals straight i cross times straight m cross times straight K subscript straight f
0 minus left parenthesis negative 0.320 right parenthesis equals straight i cross times 0.0711 cross times 1.86
straight i equals fraction numerator 0.0711 cross times 1.86 over denominator 0.320 end fraction
straight i equals 0.413

Van apostrophe straight t space hoff space factor equals 0.413

Answered by Ravi | 2nd Jul, 2021, 06:31: PM