But what I think is that if ice starts melting its weight will also start decreasing and ultimately tension force in string so effective length of the string also will decrease and therefore, time period of the pendulum. Also if 2 bobs of different mass are taken for 2 different pendulum then, time period would remain unaffected but if mass (here, weight) changes while it is oscillating then its time period would change. Am I correct?

Asked by dr_pradip27121972 | 18th Dec, 2017, 03:06: PM

Expert Answer:

If the effecrtive length is changing due to ice melting then time period will change.
But change of time period will not be due to change in mass. you checck the derivation of time period of simple pendulam, the last step i am giving below.
begin mathsize 12px style T space equals space 2 pi square root of m over k end root space equals space 2 pi square root of fraction numerator m over denominator begin display style bevelled fraction numerator m g over denominator L end fraction end style end fraction end root space equals 2 pi square root of L over g end root space comma space w h e r e space k space i s space t h e space f o r c e space c o n s tan t end style
you can verify that mass is getting cancelled.

Answered by  | 18th Dec, 2017, 03:39: PM

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