A truck is hauling a trailer along a level road as figure illustrates.The mass of truck is m1=8500kg and that of the trailer is m2=27000kg.The 2 move with an acceleration of a=0.78m/s^2.Ignore the regarding forces of friction and air resistances.
(a)The magnitude of the tension in the horizontal drawbar between the trailer and the truck.
(b)The force that  propels the truck forward:
(c)The action and reaction forces are:

Asked by saxenas55555 | 1st Jan, 2018, 11:44: PM

Expert Answer:

The combined system has common acceleration 0.78 m/s2.
(1) trucks pulls the trailer with the force F2 which is same as the tension appearing in the drawbar is 27000×0.78 = 21060 N.
(2) the force that propels the truck is (27000+8500)×0.78 = 27690 N
(3) action force is F2. reaction force is T

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