A man with blood group A marries a woman with blood group O and their daughter has blood group O. Is this information enough to tell you which of the traits-blood group A or O-is dominant?Why and Why not?

Asked by Sachin verma | 2nd Mar, 2011, 02:40: AM

Expert Answer:

Dear student,
No this information is not sufficient. This is because the genotype of the parents is not given and hence we are unable to judge the dominant character. If one parent is heterozygous, the recessive allele of the heterozygous parent could combine with the allele of the recessive parent to give the recessive trait. Hence we are unable to judge the dominant and recessive blood group based on the information given.
(Actually blood group A is dominant over blood group O)
Regards, Team Topperlearning.

Answered by  | 1st Mar, 2011, 09:13: PM

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