A library membership allows 4 books to be borrowed at any given time. Rahul goes to the library and finds that he likes two books on a given shelf which contains 15 books in all. Rahul has decided that he would either take both the books or take none of these two. In how many ways can he select 4 books?

Asked by Topperlearning User | 13th Sep, 2016, 02:37: AM

Expert Answer:

Rahul can either select both the books and select 2 out of the other 13 this can be done in 13C2 ways.

Rahul can select 4 books leaving these 2 out which can be done in 13C4 ways.

Hence total no of selections=C presuperscript 13 subscript 2 plus C presuperscript 13 subscript 4

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