A gaseous mixture contains CO and SO2 in equimolecular proportion.The weight of 2.24 L of this mixture at NTP is?

Asked by pb_ckt | 19th May, 2019, 11:54: PM

Expert Answer:

Suppose we are taking one miole of CO and SO .
1 mole of Co weight is =28 g
1 mole of So2 weight is=64 g
Volume of 1 mole of CO is=22.4 L  
 Volume of 1 mole of SO2 is=22.4 L  
So Toatal volume=22.4+22.4=44.8 L
44.8 L of volume will have total weight=64+28=92g
So 1 L will have=92/44.8
2.24 will have weight=
                               fraction numerator 92 over denominator 44.8 end fraction cross times 2.24
equals 4.6 space straight g

Answered by Ravi | 20th May, 2019, 03:56: PM