30 ml each of oxygen and hydrogen and carbon monoxide are reacted in a container. What will be the volume and composition of the resulting mixture of the gases?

2H+ O2 →2H2O

2CO+ O2 → 2CO2

Asked by dafk04.dp | 6th May, 2021, 06:22: PM

Expert Answer:

2H2    +  O2 → 2H2O

30ml      15ml

2CO+ O2 → 2CO2

30ml    15ml

According to stoichiometry from the chemical equations,

H2 and O2 reacts in 2:1 ratio.

and CO and O2 also reacts in 2:1 ratio.

So, 15ml of O2 will react with H2 and 15ml of O2 will react with CO.

According to stoichiometry,

2V of H2 produces = 2V of H2O

So, 30ml of H will produce= 30 ml of H2O

Similarly, CO2 produced= 30ml

So, in final mixture volume of gases(CO2+H2O)-

Volume of CO2 =30 ml

Volume of H2O= 30ml


Answered by Ravi | 15th May, 2021, 07:49: PM