2.5 moles of sulphuryl chloride were dissolved in water to produce sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid. How many moles of KOH will be required to completely neutralize the solution?

i have a doubt regarding  answer being 7.5moles but the ans is 12.5mol in sureshot questions 
plzzzzzzzzz clarify it

Asked by Abhishikth | 23rd Aug, 2015, 01:48: PM

Expert Answer:

Reaction for the formation of sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid from sulphuryl chloride is as follows:

SO2Cl2 + 2H2O  → H2SO4 + 2HCl

Moles of HCl produced from 2.5 moles of SO2Cl2 = 5 moles

Moles of H2SO4 produced from 2.5 moles of SO2Cl2 = 2.5 moles

Neutralisation reactions are as follows:

H2SO4 + 2KOH → K2SO4 + 2H2O

HCl + KOH → KCl + H2O

5 moles of H2SO4 needs KOH = 10 moles

2.5 moles of HCl needs KOH = 2.5 moles

Hence, the total moles of KOH required = 12.5 moles

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 23rd Aug, 2015, 06:51: PM