1.a purse contains 4 copper coins,3 silver coins and the second purse contains 6 copper and 2 silver coins. a coin is taken out of any purse,what will the probability of the coin being copper. 2. an ordinary cube has 4 blank faces,one marked 2 and another marked 3 then the probability of obtaining exactly 12 in 5 throws is?

Asked by Priya Rai | 6th Dec, 2010, 08:21: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student
Please raise one question per query
Answer to you first question is as follows:
Purse A = 4 copper 3 Silver
Purse B = 6 copper and 2 silver coins.
Probability of choosing a bag =1/2
From bag A probability of getting copper coin =4/7
From Bag B probability of getting copper coin =6/8
So the required probability = 1/2[4/7+6/8]=37/56
Team Topper

Answered by  | 7th Dec, 2010, 09:16: AM

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