1.A charge of 4*10^-8C is distributed uniformly on the surface of radius 1 cm. it is covered by a concentric, hollow conducting sphere of radius 5 cm. a) find the electric field at apoint 2 cm away from the centre. b)a charge of 6*10^-8 C is placed on the hollow sphere. find the surface charge density on the outer surfaceof the hollow sphere. 2.the electric field in a region is radially outward with magnitude E=Ar. find the charge contained in a sphere of radius centered at the origin. takeA=100Vm^-2and a=20cm. 3)two conducting plates A and B are placed parallel to each other. A and B are given charges of Q1 and Q2 respectively.find the distribution of charges on the four surfaces. 4)a charge Q is placed at the centre of an imaginary hemispherical surfaces. using symmetry arguments and the Gauss's law find the flux of the electric field due to this charge through the surface of the hemisphere.

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