1. volume of carbon dioxide gas obtained at STP by the complete decomposition of 9.85g sodium carbonate is in how many litres?
2. 1 L of carbon dioxide gas is passed through red hot coke. the volume becomes 1.4 L at same temperature & pressure. What is the composition of the products ( in L ) ?
3. what is the mole fraction of solvent in aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide having molality of 3 ?
4. concentrated aqueous sulphuric acid is 98% sulphuric acid by mass & has a density of 1.80gm/L. what is the volume of acid required to make 1 L of 0.1M sulphuric acid solution?

Asked by OM mohapatra | 1st Aug, 2014, 11:00: AM

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However, answer to your first query is,

1. The reaction is given as:

Na2CO→ Na2O + CO2 

Therefore, 1 mole of Na2CO3 gives = 1 mole of CO2 

That is, 105.98 g of Na2CO3 gives = 44g of CO2 

​9.85 g of Na2CO3 ​gives = 44105.98 × 9.85 g 

                                  = 4.0894 g of CO2 

Number of moles of CO2 produced  = Mass/Molar mass

                                                   = 4.0894/44

                                                   = 0.0929 moles

1 mole of CO2 gas = 22.4 L
0.0929 moles of gas At STP = 22.4 × 0.0929 L

                                        = 2.0809 L of CO2 would be obtained.


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Answered by Hanisha Vyas | 1st Aug, 2014, 11:14: AM