1. Electronic configuration of an element ‘x’ is 2.8.1 and for ‘Y’ 2.8.7 then mention

the bond existing between 2 elements.

a) Covalent bond b) Ionic bond

c) Hydrogen bond d) Metallic bond

2. Identify the element in a 2nd period and 14th group with valency 4.

a) Carbon –C b) Silicon – Si

c) Boron – B d) Fluorine – F

3. Modern periodic law state that “the properties of elements are the periodic function

of their ___________.

a) Atomic number b) Atomic mass

c) Valiancy d) Atomic radius.   Name the group of hydrogen.


9. In a Modern periodic table how the ionization energy, metallic nature and atomic

radius vary?

10. 6



, 20Ca40

, 21SC45 Write the Electronic configuration of given elements and mention

the group period and block



Asked by ksheera36 | 3rd Jun, 2021, 08:35: PM

Expert Answer:

1. Electronic configuration of Element X is 2,8,1 and Y is 2,8,7
Element X needs to release one electron to attain stability. After releasing one electron, it has 8 electrons in outermost shell(complete octet). From this electronic configuration we can say X is Metal.
Similarly, Y needs to gain one electron to attain stability. After gaining one electron, It has 8 electrons in outermost shell(compolete octet). From this we can say that this element is non-metal.
Bonding between metal and non-metal is Ionic bond.

Answered by Ravi | 4th Jun, 2021, 09:13: PM