12th of April 2017


I am Aarya studying in class 10 ICSE.

I want to know the carrers in medical except doctor. I am highly interedted in biology. Please help me.

Thank you.

Aarya Mehta - ICSE - Class X

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 17:44:PM


Hi Aarya,

First of all best of luck for the ICSE Class X examination for next year. To go for medical studies, you need to clear the NEET entrance examination which is held after the Class XII examination for which you need to be eligible. But the NEET examination hold the scores for the Medical (MBBS) and Dental (BDS) courses. So you need to enroll for graduation in medical degree before going to a particular specialisation. In the final year of your MBBS degree, you can opt for various specialisation subjects like radiology, nuclear medicine. In the course of your degree, you can for go for intern to get some in hands experience in pharmacy, X-ray radiologist, occupational health, biomedical engineer, medicine transcription. There are various fields after completing your MBBS degree.

You can also go for Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineer which need not equire NEET to appear. You can go regular B.Tech courses with Biology as a main weapon to deal with.

Hope this helps.

Best of Luck

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 18:12:PM