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ICSE Class 9 Grammar Revision Notes for Finites, Non-finites, Participles

Finites, Non-finites, Participles

What are Finite Verbs and Non-finite Verbs?

Finite Verb
A finite verb is a form of a verb which has a subject and a tense.

Non-finite Verb
A non-finite verb is a form of verb which has no subject and no tense.

Types of Non-finite Verbs

There are three types of non-finite verbs:

  • Gerunds
  • Participles
  • Infinitives

Gerunds are verbs which end in '-ing' but function like nouns in a sentence.
They can play the role of a subject as well as an object.

Participles are verbs which function as adjectives.

Types of participles

  • Past participles (end in '-en' or '-ed')
  • Present participles (end in '-ing')


  • A verb form where the word 'to' is followed by a simple form of a verb is known as an infinitive.
  • Sometimes, 'to' is implied or absent in an infinitive.
  • An infinitive is used to show the purpose or function of a particular action or thing

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