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ICSE Class 9 Grammar Revision Notes for Avoiding Repetition


What is Repetition?

Repetition refers to the use of a word, phrase or clause more than once in a passage to emphasise a point. Repetition can either enrich a passage or clutter it with unnecessary information. Let us look at some examples.  

Read the following extract.

In the above extract, the poet takes the liberty to use repetition in the last two lines as a literary device for poetic emphasis. Such a kind of repetition is granted. Now read the following lines.

In the above extract, the noun ‘Robert Frost’ has been repeatedly used. Such kind of repetition elongates the piece and makes it verbose. This does not enrich the passage but makes reading a tedious process. 


However, there is another way of writing this passage:

As you can see, the noun has been substituted with a pronoun in the second and the third instances. This has eliminated unnecessary repetition from the sentence. 
In this chapter, we will look at ways to avoid unnecessary repetition, through the process of omission and substitution.
Using Pronouns to substitute Nouns

In the table below, the sentences on the left have repetitive elements. Examine the improved versions on the right to understand how one can avoid repetition by substituting a pronoun for a noun.
Using Synonyms 
A synonym is a word which is used as a substitute for another word.
More examples of synonyms
Avoiding Redundancy
Redundancy occurs when you use more words than necessary to put across a point. Let us look at a few sentences.
More examples of wordiness
  1. The woman shouted loudly at her toddler who spilled the milk. 
  2. The employees received added bonus following the windfall earnings. 
  3. These samples should be adequate enough for reference. 
  4. Blend together all the colours to create a mixture. 
  5. This is critically important for the successful launch of the brand. 
  6. We are pleased to offer you a free gift.
  7. The two parts were joined together using a strong adhesive. 
  8. The man’s past history is not favourable.
Eliminating Wordiness
Wordiness occurs when too many words are used to express something that can be communicated in a few words.
Making verbose sentences concise
Verbosity is the tendency to use a lot of words to express little. A great deal of empty talk covered in too many words makes writing unimpressive.

Grammar Chapters for Revision Notes

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