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ICSE Class 10 Comprehension and Composition Revision Notes for Message Writing

Message Writing

What is a Message?

A message is a short record of information noted for conveying it to the person whom it is for and who is not present at the moment to receive it. The aim of a message is to convey information to its owner as soon as he or she is back. Therefore, it is usually written on a small slip of paper and left at a place easily visible to him or her.

Format of a Message

Tips for Writing a Message

  • A message should be written in less than fifty words. So, keep it brief and to the point.

  • Practise writing messages focusing on conveying more information with few words.

  • While cutting down words, important information such as date and time when the message is noted should not be missed.

  • Ensure easy understanding of the message by avoiding grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

  • Use simple or compound sentences instead of complex ones where possible.

Sample Messages

Sample 1
Message from a telephone operator about the dispatch of a parcel.

Sample 2
Komal writes to Kajal about breakfast she has prepared and the evening plans.

Sample 3
Mother informs Monika about a call from the receptionist regarding a meeting.

Sample 4
Anjali informs Anuja about cousin Shrutee’s trip has been postponed.

Sample 5
Maya informs Sameer about his brother’s call regarding grandfather’s illness and request to come back to Pune as soon as possible.

Sample 6
Mother leaves a note for Amit to confirm his presence at Karan’s 18th birthday party at a resort in Vasai.

Sample 7

Rajdeep informs Rohan about an apology call from Eat All Pizza House for the incorrect order they delivered and the compensation they will offer.

Sample 8

Mahesh leaves a message for his mother about his urgent appointment with the passport officer and the possibility of coming home late.

Sample 9

Sandhya informs Jaya about Aunt Sarita’s call regarding the organic vanilla plant stems she bought from Kerala for Jaya.

Sample 10

Sandhya informs Kshama about her internship application being accepted by RD Corporation.

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