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ICSE Class 10 Biology Neuron : Unit of the Nervous System

Revise the structure of the neuron by studying about dendrites, the axon and the cell body. Use our learning materials for ICSE Class 10 Biology The Nervous System - Neuron Unit of the Nervous System. Watch Biology video lessons on our website to understand concepts like reflex action, muscular coordination, nerve impulse etc.

Improve your exam scores by practising ICSE Class 10 Biology sample question and answers such as true or false questions and multiple choice questions at TopperLearning. Self-analysis using these practice tests will help you with insights to plan your revision effectively. You can understand your exam format by practising chapter-related questions from sample papers and other question papers which are available on our website. To manage your exam anxiety, learn how to answer important questions correctly with our textbook solutions prepared by subject experts.

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