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ICSE Class 10 Biology Absorption by Roots - The Processes Involved

Study topics such as absorption and conduction in plants with TopperLearning’s easily accessible online learning materials for ICSE Class 10 Biology – Absorption by Roots – The Processes Involved. Watch our video lessons to understand the process of transport of materials in plants.

On our online learning portal, you can access the latest ICSE Class 10 Biology syllabus to plan your revision. Our revision materials include textbook solutions, previous years’ question papers and sample paper solutions. You can use these resources to understand chapter concepts such as turgidity, imbibition, diffusion etc. We enable you with 24/7 access to textbook solutions like Selina solutions for quick revision of chapter concepts online. In case of any doubts, you can visit the ‘UnDoubt’ section of our learning portal. For self-analysis of your knowledge, take our online tests whenever you complete studying a chapter.

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