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ICSE Class 10 Biology Transport of Materials - Processes

In this Biology chapter, study in detail about the transport system in plants. Learn from our ICSE Class 10 Biology – Absorption by Roots – The Processes Involved – Transport of Materials Processes study resources to understand the function of vascular tissues. In addition, practise multiple choice questions and true or false questions by attempting our online practice tests.

For chapter revision, go through our ICSE Class 10 Biology topic notes. Understand how water and minerals are transported in plants with our video lessons. Also, revise the functions of root hair in this chapter. For more practice, you can refer to our sample papers and previous years’ question papers. In case you have any questions related to absorption by roots in plants, you can visit the ‘UnDoubt’ section at TopperLearning. Our academic experts will help you resolve your doubts through this section of our study portal.

Class 10 Biology Absorption by Roots - The Processes Involved

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