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Algebraic Expressions Worksheet

Objective Type Questions

  1. State true or false.
    (a) 9pq and –4qp are like terms.
    (b) The coefficient of xz in the term 16xyz is 16.

    Multiple Choice Questions

  2. If (b – 1) is a predecessor of a natural number b, then the successor of (b – 1) is
    (a) 1
    (b) b
    (c) (b + 1)
    (d) 0
  3. When –d is subtracted from d, we get
    (a) 0
    (b) 2d
    (c) d
    (d) 3d
  4. Which of the following is the CORRECT expression for statement “Four times a number when increased by 3 and subtracted from 31”. (Take variable p)
    (a) (4p + 3) – 31
    (b) 4(p + 3) – 31
    (c) 31 – 4(p + 3)
    (d) 31 – (4p + 3)
  5. In an expression 8y3 + 7y – 13, –13 is called
    (a) constant
    (b) variable
    (c) numerical coefficient
    (d) literal coefficient
  6. Which of the following algebraic statement is TRUE for 15-x/7
    (a) x reduced by 15 and divided by 7.
    (b) One-seventh of x added to 15.
    (c) x reduced by 7 and subtracted from 15.
    (d) Seven times x subtracted from 15.
  7. A binomial contains
    (a) one numeric term
    (b) one algebraic term
    (c) two like terms
    (d) two unlike terms
  8. The current age of Raghu is ‘m’ years. 8 years ago, his age was
    (a) (m – 8) years
    (b) (m + 8) years
    (c) 8m years
    (d) (m ÷ 8) years
  9. What will be the cost of 1 kg potatoes if the cost of 7 kg potatoes is Rs. ‘p’?
    (a) Rs. (p + 7)
    (b) Rs. 7p
    (c) Rs. 7/p
    (d) Rs. p/7
  10. When –4 is added to the successor of k + 7, the resultant sum is
    (a) k + 3
    (b) k + 4
    (c) k + 2
    (d) k + 1 
  11. The length of a rope is ‘42z’ cm. If an equilateral triangle is formed by this rope, the length of each side of a triangle will be
    (a) 42z/3 cm
    (b) 42/3 cm
    (c)  3/42z cm
    (d)  3/42 cm

    Subjective Questions

  12. Find the value of  t + 1/11 if  ‘t’ is the smallest 3-digit number.
  13. Help Ronit to find the length of part I in the bat.

  14. Find the length of side of a square whose perimeter measures  20/f cm.
  15. What will be the previous and the next odd numbers of an odd number ‘y’?
  16. Find the total cost of the following items:

  17. Find the value of all variables in the following table
  18. Find the value of 3a3 -18/a + a - 1 when a = –2.
  19. Frame an algebraic expression for statement ‘q subtracted from 3 times 13 and added to number of hours in a day’.
  20. Find the value of an unknown variable ‘g’ from the following statement:
    ‘g is the sum of first natural number and number of days in an ordinary year’.

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