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Visualising Solid Shapes Worksheet

Multiple Choice Questions

  1. A solid figure has _______
    (a) only length
    (b) length and breadth
    (c) length breadth and height
    (d) no dimensions

  2. Anil saw a figure as shown below. His teacher asked him to find the number of edges in figure.

    (a) 14
    (b) 16
    (c) 18
    (d) 20

  3. Given below is the net of the cube, which is marked with numbers on its faces, find the number that will be opposite to the face with number 3.
    (a) 1
    (b) 2
    (c) 5
    (d) 6

  4. On folding the following net, we will get a …

    (a) Pyramid
    (b) Triangle
    (c) Prism
    (d) Cone

  5. If we cut a cone vertically into two halves, then we will get a ___________ at the cut surface.
    (a) Square
    (b) Rectangle
    (c) Circle
    (d) Triangle

  6. Anil has cut a cylinder in such a way, that he got a circle at the cut surface. So Anil has cut the cylinder
    (a) vertically
    (b) horizontally
    (c) diagonally
    (d) along its diameter

  7. If a cuboid, as shown below, casts a shadow which is rectangular in shape,then the light source will be placed facing the___________________.

    (a) right side face of the cuboid
    (b) left side face of the cuboid
    (c) front face of the cuboid
    (d) all face of the cuboid

  8. Raju lights a bulb over a solid shape, he gets a shadow below which resembles a circle, now which of the following can’t the solid shape.
    (a) Cylinder
    (b) Cone
    (c) Sphere
    (d) Prism

  9. Select the option, which shows the top view of the following shape.




  10. Shadow of a ________ shape will be ____________
    (a) 3D, 2D
    (b) 2D, 3D
    (c) 3D, 3D
    (d) 2D, 2D

    Subjective Questions

  11. Count the number of faces, edges and vertices of the following figure

  12. Construct the net for the following figure:

  13. Draw 2D model of the following 3D solid

  14. Draw a cuboid having dimensions 4×3×2 using a isometric dot sheet given below

  15. Draw the vertical cross section of the following figure, if the figure is cut in halves:

  16. Draw the horizontal cross section of the following figure, if the figure is cut in halves:

  17. It is Raju’s birthday, and his father has bought a strawberry cake for the celebration (see image below). Now Raju wanted to donate half of this cake to an orphanage which was near to this house. Hence he cut the cake in exact half using a long knife. Now what would be the cross section of the cake after being cut.

  18. Roshni likes to play by switching off the lights of a room and then lighting a torch in front of a wall, and making shadows of different figures on the wall. She had a cuboidal box as shown below. One day Roshni decided to use this box to make shadows on the wall, by keep one of its face facing the wall. Find the different shapes she can create.

  19. Atul had a unique dice with 1 to 8 numbers printed on it (refer image below). Can you count the number of edges this dice will have?

  20. Observe the net and write down all the pairs of numbers representing the opposite faces of the solid figure formed using the given net.

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