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Comparing Quantities Worksheet

      Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Consider two numbers P and Q. When these two numbers are added, the sum is equal to begin mathsize 11px style 21 over 15 end style of number P. What percent is number Q of number P?
    (a) begin mathsize 11px style 21 over 15 percent sign end style
    (b) begin mathsize 11px style 15 over 21 percent sign end style
    (c) 60%
    (d) 30%

  2. Vanika purchased an umbrella and saved Rs. 120 with discount of 25%. What is the original price of an umbrella?

    (a) Rs. 480
    (b) Rs. 145
    (c) Rs. 450
    (d) Rs. 185

  3. Mr. Raghav invested Rs. 15,000 in a bank at a particular rate of simple interest. After 5 years, he received Rs. 23,250 including interest. At what rate of interest he invested his money?

    (a) 12%
    (b) 11%
    (c) 10%
    (d) 9%

  4. A ticket to visit museum costs Rs. 440. But the cost of ticket for school students is Rs. 330. What is the percentage of discount for students?
    (a) 10%
    (b) 15%
    (c) 20%
    (d) 25%

  5. If 6% of 200:11% of 100 = k + 1:k, then find the sum of digits of k.
    (a) 2
    (b) 3
    (c) 10
    (d) 11

  6. A jar contains 50 almonds. If Raavi eats 2 almonds daily, what percent of almonds would be eaten by Raavi in 10 days?

    (a) 40%
    (b) 50%
    (c) 60%
    (d) 70%

    Subjective Questions

  7. Mr. Malhotra’s monthly income, expenses and savings are depicted in the below picture. If entertainment expenses are converted into savings, find the amount saved by Mr. Malhotra.

  8. Find the value of 10% of greatest 2-digit even number.

  9. The cost price and selling price of two flowers bouquets are given below.

    Which bouquet will yield more profit? By how much percent?

  10. In a cupboard, there are 100 clothes in which the ratio of shirts and kurtis is 2 : 3. If 20% of shirts and 10% of kurtis are ironed, find the percentage of clothes which are not ironed.

  11. Identify the boxes equal to ‘2 hundredth’. 

  12. Find the percentage of shaded boxes from the below figure.

  13. Swati makes rice by adding 3 cups of water to 2 cups of rice. Represent each of the ingredients used in rice as percentage.

  14. For buying a flat on rent, Pooja had to put down a deposit of  begin mathsize 11px style 1 over 20 end style of the value of the flat. What percentage was this?

  15. In 2022, the price of bicycle was Rs. 5400. If the price has been increased by 21% this year, find its price this year.

  16. Calculate the time in which the simple interest on Rs. 4000 at the rate of 5% per annum will be same as simple interest on Rs. 5000 at 8% per annum for 3 years.

  17. Write the shaded and unshaded parts in the below figure in the form of fraction, percentage and decimal.

  18. A tank A of capacity 70 litres is filled with water. For cleaning purpose, 30% of it is used and the remaining water was poured in another tank B of capacity 50 litres. How much percent of tank B is filled with water?

  19. Consider numbers 31 to 60. Find the percentage of numbers having digit 9 in the unit’s place.

  20. Samidha distributed 37% of her bonus salary to Ashrams, 33% to Hospitals and the remaining Rs. 12000 she kept for her mother. Find the amount given to Ashrams and Hospitals.

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