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Integers Worksheet

Multiple Choice Questions
  1. Identify the pair of integers which has their difference equal to one less than –14.
    (a) (–12, –3)
    (b) (–13, 2)
    (c) (8, –7)
    (d) (–4, –11)

  2. During summer, it is very important to keep ourselves hydrated. There are 16 houses in a colony and 2 families stay in 1 house. For each house, 1 family require 1100 litres of water and the other require 1200 litres of water. How many litres of water is required in the colony?
    (a) 2300 litres
    (b) 211200 litres
    (c) 1600 litres
    (d) 36800 litres

  3. Four friends are returning back to home from the school. As the street near the school is empty, they decide to have a race. Three of them run towards a tree covering 80 m, 90 m and 100 m respectively. The fourth boy runs for 70 m in the opposite direction. What is the product of four numbers (consider the starting point as number ‘0’) obtained after race?
    (a) 50400000
    (b) –50400000
    (c) 720000
    (d) –720000

  4. Simmi think of a number which when added to any integer gives the same integer. She then multiply this number with 101. Which of the following number would Simmi get after multiplication?
    (a) 1
    (b) 0
    (c) 101
    (d) –1

  5. Vicky has 101 candies with him and he ate 9 of them. After sometime, 5 children enters the room each having the same number of chocolates that Vicky currently has. If the total number of chocolates in the room can be expressed in the form “6 × a – 6 × b” then find the values of a and b and also, find the total number of chocolates.
    (a) Total number of chocolates = 560, a = 101 and b = 9
    (b) Total number of chocolates = 606, a = 9 and b = 101
    (c) Total number of chocolates = 552, a = 101 and b = 9
    (d) Total number of chocolates = 505, a = 9 and b = 101

  6. A wave in a sea water move ahead by 5 metres and move back by 7 metres every time. Ravi draws a line at 2 p.m. and measure the movement by 8 p.m. He found that the wave has been moved back by 30 metres from its initial position. How many times did the wave move?
    (a) 5
    (b) 6
    (c) 15
    (d) 30

  7. Temperature of a machine room is 20°C. Every time Neeraj enters the room, he decrease the temperature by 4°C. If the temperature of the room is now 12°C below zero, how many times did Neeraj enter the room?
    (a) Twice
    (b) Four times
    (c) Six times
    (d) Eight times

  8. Anu takes a number which is 15 times her height. Her brother Dheeraj takes a number which is 40 less than twice his height. The number chosen by Anu is then subtracted from the number chosen by Dheeraj. If Anu’s height is 5 feet and that of Dheeraj’s is 6 feet, find the number obtained after subtraction.
    (a) 0
    (b) 15
    (c) –97
    (d) –40 

  9. If (–18) × (–5) × ? = –360. Find the number which replaces the question mark.
    (a) 4
    (b) –4
    (c) 32400
    (d) –32400

  10. Neeru takes a number and multiply it by –7. She then subtract it from 30 and again multiplies the number obtained by 15. The result is then divided by 0. What is the number obtained after division?
    (a) 0
    (b) 555
    (c) 210
    (d) Not defined

    Subjective Questions

  11. Move 2 less than 0 and do the same for 17 times. Divide 0 by the number obtained. Find the number obtained after division.

  12. Refer the following figure:

    A diver goes until the light blue layer deep in the aquarium every time he dives in the aquarium. He repeated the same 18 times. How deep would he go if he came out only after completing the 18 times distance at once?

  13. Raj’s father runs a shopping centre. He conclude that selling a dress incurs a profit of Rs. 200 whereas, selling a pant incurs a loss of Rs. 50. If the total loss incurred is Rs. 400 and number of dresses sold is 150, how many pants did he sell?  

  14. Mango is the national fruit of India. 1 dozen of mangoes costs Rs. 360. If Raj has Rs. 720, how many mangoes can he buy spending the total money? 

  15. Find the missing integer in the following:
    16 × [? + (–9) ÷ (–3)] = 16 × 3 + 16 × 3

  16. On the number line, move 14 steps on the left of zero and then 7 steps on the right of zero. What is the difference between the numbers obtained on the left and right sides? 

  17. Find the additive inverse and multiplicative identity of (–19).

  18. What is the product of multiplicative identity and additive identity of –37?

  19. A building has ten underground floors for parking where the ground floor is considered 0. Radhika stays on the 19th floor. How many floors are there between Radhika’s house and the last underground floor?

  20. Rohan set the temperature of a freezer at 7°C below zero. Reena keeps on decreasing the temperature by 2°C every half an hour. After how many hours temperature would be 31°C below zero?

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