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Young at heart

"...I was born in Madhya pradesh and wasn't good at studies. So I observed nature and started painting." says the man almost naturally.

Syed Haider Raza turns 90 today. His entire approach towards things can put youngsters to shame. He says, "Health is not an issue. I am still young."

Raza, arguably India's costliest modern artist of all time. He set an auction record for modern Indian art when one of his paintings 'Saurashtra', sold for almost USD 3.5 million in London.

He is the grand old man of modern art.

It takes a helper and a wheel chair for Raza to get close to his canvas, but so much trouble hasn't stopped him from creating magic.

Sayed Haider Raza was born in 1922 in Madhya Pradesh and studied painting at the Nagpur School of Art and the Sir J.J.School of Art.

A strong colourist Raza's painting resonate the passionate hot colours of India with all their symbolic, emotive value.

Many of his paintings have a dark circular focal point termed the Bindu which. according to him is the fountainhead of both energy and creativity.

Myschool salutes this great artist. Happy 90th Mr.Syed Hyder Raza.

Neha Pinto


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