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Tips to prepare for IIT JEE


Tips to prepare for IIT JEE

By Admin 14th Feb, 2014 05:09 pm
Following are the points regarding the strategy that need be adopted for preparation for JEE.

 Dear Students:

1) It is extremely important to attend every lecture with full attention. In case a lecture is skipped, 
one must ensure that they update their lecture notes and clarify any doubts with the concerned 
professor as soon as possible.

2) The material that is taught in the class must be revised on the very same day.

3) Home work must be taken seriously. It is natural to have doubts and one should not refrain from 
getting them clarified.

4) For physics in particular, it's important to refer to standard textbooks. Some good references 
are Resnick & Halliday, H.C.Verma, Zamansky and Young.

5) Some good problem books that would help you consolidate your understanding are I.E.Irodov, 
Krotov, Kenneth. F. Riley.

6) Your aptitude for the subject will develop if you pay attention to experimental physics. This is 
important in light of the fact that JEE exam papers have started to include questions based on 
experimental physics in recent years.

7) Mechanics can be said to form the core of basic physics. It's important to gain a good grounding 
in this part of your course as it will also help you when you study electromagnetism and modern 
physics. Other important topics that do feature almost every year in JEE papers are optics, 
gravitation, wave motion and properties of matter.

8) Revision of material that has already been covered forms an essential part of your preparation. 
To this end it is necessary to be able to go through the whole course once at least 7/8 months 
prior to the actual exam date. This way you will have an opportunity to give another run down 
the whole subject and in the process you may discover the weaknesses you may have in some of 
the areas mentioned above.

9) Taking time bound tests will help you develop the right exam temperament. 

10) Finally, taking caring of your health and getting good sleep will do wonders! So do not miss on 

All the Best

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