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Social Media and its Strong Influence

Science and Technology

Social Media and its Strong Influence

We all know what a strong influence social media has!

By Admin 02nd Jul, 2014 11:52 am

We all know what a strong influence social media has! However, it is essential to make sure that this strong influence does not take a toll on our daily lives and personal security. Social Media is made for a purpose and it should be solely used to serve that purpose. As a student/teenager, it is important to be well-versed with the various aspects of social media. Here, let’s look at the benefits, risks and safe uses of social media.


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1. Benefits of Social Media


-A Connect with Friends

One of the best things that social media has done is that it connects with long lost friends. Forming a virtual connection between friends who cannot meet on a regular basis is something where social media has proved to be an aide in maintaining friends and friendships.


-A Medium to Express Yourself

Well, the use of social media is not just limited to staying in touch with your friends; you can do a lot more things with its help. You can express your opinion, share things and use social media to your advantage. Now, the trend is such that people use social media for promotion of their creativity and business. Isn’t it a great medium? Indeed it is!


-Social Confidence

Through social media, we interact with our friends and know their whereabouts. It brings a sense of social confidence in us.



2. Risks Involved

Social media is indeed a great medium and has many advantages but that cannot deny the fact that social media is coupled with many risks.


-Sharing of too Much Information

More often, we get so involved in the glory of social media that we divulge more information than necessary. Sharing too much of information on social media can be risky as there have been many cases where photographs of people have been misused. One should be very careful while divulging the information.


-No Time for Outdoor Activities

These days children/teenagers are so addicted to social media that they have no time for outdoor activities. While is good to socialise online, but one must not do it at the cost of your outdoor activities. 


-Identity Theft

Our identity on social media is subject to vulnerability. People can easily sneak in and make use of our identity for various activities. Thus, one should be really careful while revealing your identity on social media.


-Exposure to Inappropriate Content

There is no guarantee that you will be exposed to good content on social media. The probability of coming across inappropriate content is higher on such platforms.



3. How to Safely Use Social Media

There is no hard and fast rule to the safe use of social media but yes you can follow some safety techniques to make sure that your profile is not misused.


-Avoid Adding Strangers

In the race of making new friends, we keep adding strangers, which is not the right way to use social media. There is no guarantee that the person you have added is genuine and you might end up introuble. Thus, be very careful while choosing your friends online.


-Restrict Information

Sharing more information than required is harmful. It is always advisable to limit your personal information to yourself.


-Privacy Techniques

Social media platforms do have privacy techniques. Make use of privacy settings and let your information reach only those who are deemed privy to the information.


-Pratibha Yadav

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