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Krisahna vs. Aghasura

One day, early in the morning Lord Krishna wanted to go to the forest with all his cowherd friends. They all planned to have lunch in the forest. With the cattle in front they began their travel into the forest. They played many games and had a lot of fun on the way.  While Lord Krishna was enjoying all the fun and frolic, the demon Aghasura was getting irritated. He did not like seeing Lord Kishna happy and smiling. Aghasura was the younger brother of Pautna and Bakasura who were also demons. Lord Krishna had killed Pautna and Bakasura and Aghasura wanted revenge. Lord Krishna's wicked uncle Kamsa encouraged Aghasura  to kill Lord Krishna which made his resolve stronger.

All demons have special powers, Aghasura had the power to expand himself as he desires; this is also known as mahima-siddhi. Aghasura expanded himself into a 8 mile huge serpent. Aghasura opened his big mouth in the shape of a cave  to swallow the everyone at once including Krishna and Bhrama. Lord Krishna's friends did not realize that it was a serpent and thought that it was a statue. After further examining it, they realized it was the mouth of a very big serpent. But they thought to themselves that the serpent would not be able to swallow all of them at once and would definitely be unable to swallow Lord Krishna. So all of them began to walk into the mouth of the serpent.


However, Lord Krishna the Super Being - Parmatma, realized that the serpent was the demon Aghasura and did not enter the mouth of the serpent. Aghasura was waiting for Krishna to enter inside as everyone else had come in with their cattle. Lord Krishna was trying to device a plan to resuce his friends and their cattle and to kill the demon. After some delibration he too walked into the mouth of the demon. As soon as the serpent tried to close his mouth, Lord Krishna began to expand himself. The serpent soon began to choke and began to suffocate. He could not breathe and finally his head burst open. Aghasura's soul came out like a flashing light going in all directions and it merged with the body of Krishna.

Since Lord Krishna is the Supreme Being, he can give allow the merging of other souls with his. This liberation or mukti is called sayujya-mukti and he gave it to Aghasura. Aghasura was a sinner and it impossible for the sinful to merge with the exisitence of the Absolute Truth. But Krishna had allowed Aghasura to enter his body, Aghasura's soul was forgiven of all sins.

Note: This is a Puranic tale, retold.


Theresa Ignatius


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