you are given three lenses L1, L2 , L3 each of focal length 15 cm. an object is kept at 20 cm in front of L1 . the final real image is formed at the focus 'I' of L3. find the separations between L1, L2 , L3.?

Asked by thajvirkaur | 5th Mar, 2012, 02:17: PM

Expert Answer:

as real image is formed at the focus of L3, so the object for it must be at infinity.
this must be the image for object for L2 be at focus 15 cm.
now the obj dist for L1 is=20 cm.
image dist will be=60 cm putting in lens formula.
so thge ditance between L1 and L2=75 cm.
the dist between L1 and L2 can be any. or 0.

Answered by  | 16th Mar, 2012, 02:33: PM

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