Write a short note on:

(a) colour addition

(b) colour subtraction

Asked by bbandab | 9th Nov, 2019, 11:40: AM

Expert Answer:

a) Colour addition:
The three primary colours are blue, green and red. 
From above diagram, the colour addition is as below
i) Red + Blue = Magenta 
ii) Red + Green = Yellow
iii) Blue +  Green = Cyan
Then the complementary colours are those combination of two light colours which gives white colour when mixed together. 
i) Magenta + Green = White
ii) Cyan + Red = White 
iii) Yellow + Blue = White 
b) Colour Subtraction: 
The rules of colour subtraction are as follows:
i) Red colour absorbs Green and blue and reflect red colour 
ii) Blue colour absorbs green and red and reflect blue colour 
iii) Green colour absorbs red and blue and reflect green colour 
iv) Cyan colour absorbs red and reflect blue green (Cyan) colour 
v) magenta colour absorbs green and reflect red + blue ( magenta) light
vi) yellow colour absorbs blue and reflect red green (yellow) light 
vii) black colour absorbs all colours and reflect no light. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 11th Nov, 2019, 12:53: PM