A red colour jacket appear black in which light

Asked by padmapadapanigrahi | 27th Sep, 2018, 09:46: AM

Expert Answer:

- A band of Light is composed of varying wavelengths.

- Different wavelengths appear different colours to our eyes.

- A red color jacket appears red because it reflects wavelengths most strongly in the red part of the spectrum (within the range of about 650-700 nm).
- Other shorter wavelengths are absorbed by the colors of surrounding materials.

- By reflecting a green light on a red jacket, we actually use a filter to remove wavelengths of light that are not green.

- The filter works by stopping all non-green wavelengths, and allowing only green wavelengths to pass through. 

- As a consequence, the only light to reach the eyes from the red jacket is green wavelengths.

- This green light is completely absorbed and not reflected by the red jacket.

- As a result, a small amount of visible light is reflected back to the eyes of the observer, creating a perception that the jacket is black.

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 27th Sep, 2018, 06:33: PM