why magnetic field is not conservative in nature

Asked by modi72879 | 21st Jun, 2017, 03:32: PM

Expert Answer:

Technically a magnetic field is neither conservative nor non-conservative in nature.
Let us first define conservative nature. A field is said to be conservative in nature when the force on a test particle moving around any closed path does no net work on the particle.
Firstly magnetic fields do not form any closed loops/paths. So, defining conservativeness fails. Secondly, there will be a force on a charge in a magnetic field only if it is a moving charge. In such a case the force is always perpendicular to the field and hence the field does no work. So, again there is no point discussing conservativeness as the charge is not static and has to be moving. Hence, we can affirm that magnetic field is non-conservative in nature.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 20th Dec, 2017, 12:07: PM

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