why does rain fall in drops and not pour all together ?


Asked by mohansharma8032 | 28th Jul, 2018, 11:15: AM

Expert Answer:

Raindrops fall in drops and not as a continuous stream because of the following reasons:
- The larger drops don't survive due to the surface tension that holds the drop together  and it is increased by the frictional drag of air.
- Therefore, larger drops split into smaller ones.
- As they descend, the raindrops begin a chain reaction, a downward trend of the water droplets, with the larger drops always breaking into smaller ones.
- Most rainfall begins as snow crystals or other solid forms, but after entering the warmer air below the cloud, these ice particles melt and reach the atmopshere around us as raindrops.

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 2nd Aug, 2018, 03:41: PM