Why can't magnetic field lines around a bar magnet straight? Any specific reason why they always start from north pole and end at the south pole? Why should they ever form closed loops? Can't they just go on as straight lines without converging?


Asked by saisindhumanasai | 21st Jan, 2020, 09:24: AM

Expert Answer:

Isolated electric charges i.e., positive charge or negative charge exisit .
But magnetic monopoles do not exisit.
Hence for isolated electric posituve charge , field lines start from charge and extend radially without coming back to charge.
But such a thing will never happen in magnetic field due to non existence of magnetic monopoles.
For a magnet , however small, field lines will start from noth pole and meet the the south pole after bending.
Tiniest magnet is the current loop formed by the circular/elliptical motion of electrons in atom which is called magnetic dipole.

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 22nd Jan, 2020, 01:33: PM

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