why are electric field is zero in a cavity in a conductor

Asked by gov622488 | 16th Apr, 2021, 05:14: PM

Expert Answer:

If a coductor has cavity , then inside cavity electric field is zero due to external charge distribution .
This is because of shielding effect of conductor.
In electrostatics it can be proved that , if a spherical shell has some charge distribution,
then inside spherical region electric field is zero.
Hence in general, electric field is zero in a region enclosed by a closed surface if the closed surface
has some charge distribution.
A cavity inside a conductor is a region enclosed by a closed surface. Surface of conductor gets induced charges
due to external charge distribution. But inside the cavity , electric field will be zero due to shielding effect.

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 16th Apr, 2021, 05:40: PM