What will be the shape of tri-iodide anion?

Asked by divyakhare | 16th Sep, 2010, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

if iodine is dissolved in KI, the triiodide ion I3- is formed.
the I3- ion has 3 atoms and must be either linear or angular in shape.It is convenient to consider the structure in a series of stages - first an I atom , then I2 molecule , and then I3- ion made up of an I2molecule with an I- ion bonded to it by means of a coordinate bond
 I2 + I -→ [ I→I--I ] -
Shape is based on a trigonal bypyramid.
To minimise the forces of repulsion three lp occupy the equatorial positions , and I atoms are located at the centre and in the two apical positions.The ion is therefore linear in shape, with a bond angle of exactly of 180°

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