what is  the time period of a charge particle Q revovling in a circle of radius r with q charge at its centre 

Asked by Gopal singh | 6th Jan, 2018, 12:33: PM

Expert Answer:

If we assume the centripetal force due to circular motion of charge is provided by electrostatic force, then
begin mathsize 12px style m omega squared r space equals fraction numerator q Q over denominator 4 pi epsilon subscript 0 r squared end fraction t h e n space T space equals fraction numerator 2 pi over denominator omega end fraction space equals space 2 pi square root of fraction numerator 4 pi epsilon subscript 0 cross times m r cubed over denominator q Q end fraction end root end style
m - mass of moving charge, ω - angular velocity, r - radius of circular path, T - period

Answered by  | 6th Jan, 2018, 03:30: PM

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