What is the  function of Lysomes?

Asked by pintureddy45 | 2nd Aug, 2014, 11:55: AM

Expert Answer:

Lysosomes are simple tiny spherical sac-like structures evenly distributed in the cytoplasm.

(i) Lysosomes serve as intracellular digestive system, so they are also known as digestive bags. They destroy any foreign material which enter the cell such as bacteria or virus. Lysosomes also remove the worn out and poorly working cellular organelles by digesting them to make way for their new replacements.

(ii) During breakdown of cell structure, when the cell gets damaged, lysosomes burst and the enzymes eat up their own cells. So, lysosomes are also known as suicide bags of a cell.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 2nd Aug, 2014, 12:18: PM

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