What is mechanical advantages

Asked by Abhay | 27th Mar, 2017, 04:55: PM

Expert Answer:

  • Mechanical Advantage is the ratio of load to the effort applied on that load.
  • In other words, it indicates how the subjected load is divided by the effect of effort on it.
  • begin mathsize 12px style Mechanical space Advantage equals Load over Effort
Mechanical space Advantage space left parenthesis In space terms space of space arm right parenthesis equals fraction numerator Effort space Arm over denominator Load space Arm end fraction end style
  • The machine works as a force multiplier when the effort required by that machine is less than the load i.e MA>1.
  • The machine gives a gain in speed if that machine needs effort greater than the load i.e MA<1.
  • The machine is used to change the direction of the effort when the load and required effort are equal i.e MA=1

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 28th Mar, 2017, 09:39: AM