what is coliform? what is significance of biodiversity?

Asked by Ashish nandal | 24th Jan, 2014, 06:16: PM

Expert Answer:

Coliform are a group of Gram negative rod shaped non-spore forming bacteria found in the intestine of humans. The presence of coliform bacteria in water  indicates pollution of water.

Significance of biodiversity:

  • Biodiversity is important for the survival of all living beings.
  • Every living organism depends on other organisms for its basic necessity of food.
  • All living creatures are supported by the interactions among organisms and their immediate environment.
  • A biologically diverse natural environment provides human beings with their necessities of life and forms the basis of the economy.
  • It is very important to conserve the vast biodiversity that exists on this planet not just because it provides services to humans but also because it helps us in many ways like pollination, nutrient cycling, regulation of the atmosphere and climate.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 25th Jan, 2014, 11:19: AM

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