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  • Optical fibre, the name itself suggests that it is a special fibre relating to the transmission through optics (light).
  • These made up of glass (silica) or a plastic polymer and their diameters are slightly more than the diameter of a human hair.
  • It is best used for transmission of huge amount of data over a long range of distance at a very high rate.
  • Optical fibres are more preferred over metal wires as there is less amount of energy loss in transmission with the optical fibres. 

  • Uses:
    • Communication: Optical fibres are one of the most modern and efficient medium to transmit communication signals for voice or video calls.Data of over 90,000 TV channels can be easily transmitted through a single fibre optic cable.
    • Light Guides:Many of the high precision medical applicances use fibre optics as the medium to show a strong beam of light at the required position during the surgurical treatments.
    • Sensors:In many of the sensors like in reflectometer, the core material used in the sensor is nothing but an optical fibre itself.
    • Power transmission: Although in experimental phase, but fibre optical fibres are capable of transmitting power from photovoltaic cells of a solar panel and convert the light into electricity.

    Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 1st Nov, 2016, 09:43: AM

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