what does Kirchoff's voltage law actually explain?

Asked by  | 10th May, 2008, 10:57: PM

Expert Answer:

Kirchoff's loop rule is basically the law of conservation of energy.

An analogous situation can be - you start from any point and then return to it after walking around a mountain. the algebraic sum of changes in elevations can be positive and negative as you might be climbing up at some instants and going down at other instants. The algebraic sum of the changes in elevation that you encounter is  zero.

While taking the sum of the voltages, you actually mentally walk around the circuit either in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. You need to memorize the sign convention that tells you when the voltage is postive and when is it negative.

When you have traversed a loop the algebraic sum of all the voltages is put as zero.( you are back to the starting point  and your change in elevation is zero)

Answered by  | 21st May, 2008, 12:05: PM

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