we are unable to see our image in a plane mirror from every angle but we can see a chair in a room anywhere. Why?

Asked by priyankakiran2017 | 15th Jun, 2022, 03:26: PM

Expert Answer:

We see the image of an object in plane mirror when reflected ray from the object reaches our eye.
For example, if a chair is at the location A as shown in figure in front of mirror,
then incident ray is getting reflected and reflected ray reaches the eye of person whos is standing at B .
According to laws of reflection angle of incidence i equals angle of reflection r as shown in figure.
Person standing at the location B can not see his own image because reflected ray from mirror does not reach him.
According to law of relection, reflected ray due to the person standing at B will reach the point A .
hence the person standing at location B can not see his own image.
If the person is standing at the location C as shown in figure, incident ray from c is normal to plane mirror ,
hence reflected ray also normal, i.e., same direction of incident ray . In this case reflected ray reaches the eye of person.
Hence he can see his own image .

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 15th Jun, 2022, 05:19: PM