two cells of emf 1V, 2V and internal resistance 2 ohms and 1 ohms respectively are connected 1. in series 2. in parallel. what should be the external resistance in the circuit so that the current throught the resistance be the same in the two cases?

Asked by SHELLY | 7th Oct, 2012, 11:17: AM

Expert Answer:

if connected in series:
net resistance=1+2+x=3+x ohm
When connected in parallel:
net resistance=2/3+x
current in the ckt in both the cases same:
3/(3+x)  =(4/3)/(2/3+x)............4/3V is the eqv res when cells are connected in parallel.

Answered by  | 9th Oct, 2012, 11:07: AM

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