Through a rectangular field of length 90m and breadth 60m two roads are constructed which are parallel to the sides and cit each other at right angles through the center of fields . if the width of each road is 3m , find :

1) area covered by the roads.

2) the cost of constructing the roads at the rate of 110/- per meter.

Asked by LakshmiJanajanam | 21st Jan, 2020, 10:18: PM

Expert Answer:

Try visualising or drawing a rough figure first.
Find areas of rectangles with respect to length and width
Exclude the area of the figure you will form at the centre.
Calculation Hints
Area of road = Area of the rectangle with length as 90m and width s 3 m + area of the rectangle with 60 as length and 3m as width - the area that is common to both having sides 3m each.

Answered by  | 23rd Jan, 2020, 03:51: PM