the forewheel of tractor makes 120 revolution more than the rear wheel in going 720m. if the diameter of the forewheel is doubled and the diameter of the rear wheel in increased by half times the present diameter then the forewheel makes 20 revolution more than the rear wheel in going the same distance find the circumference of each wheel

Asked by patil.gopi400 | 1st Jun, 2020, 10:18: PM

Expert Answer:

Let the front wheel diameter = d1
Rear wheel diameter = d2
By the given conditions
begin mathsize 18px style πd subscript 1 equals πd subscript 2 plus 120...... left parenthesis 1 right parenthesis
πd subscript 1 cross times 2 equals πd subscript 2 cross times 1.5 plus 20...... left parenthesis 2 right parenthesis end style
Solving (1) and (2) simultaneously, we get d1 and d2
d1 = -320/pi  and  d2 = 440/pi
d1 = -1120/11  and  d2 = -140

Answered by Renu Varma | 2nd Jun, 2020, 11:24: AM