The bob of a simple pendulum is released from rest from one extreme end of a vertical height of 2cm above its mean position.Assuming 60% loss in energy, find the velocity of the bob at its mean position.

Asked by cbiswajit | 20th Sep, 2019, 11:03: PM

Expert Answer:

When the bob of a simple pendulum is at extreme the total energy possessed by it is in the form of potential energy
P E equals m g 0.02
When the bob is released there is loss of 60% energy so remaining enrgy when it reaches mean position would be
E n e r g y equals 40 over 100 cross times m g 0.02
when the bob is at the mean position the enrgy possessed by the bob is kinetic energy
40 over 100 cross times m cross times 10 cross times 0.02 equals 1 half m v squared
V squared equals 0.16
v equals 0.4 m divided by s
v equals 40 c m divided by s

Answered by Utkarsh Lokhande | 21st Sep, 2019, 08:40: AM