state 2 differences between egg, layers and broilers

Asked by srinivaasu1 | 1st Jul, 2020, 07:11: PM

Expert Answer:

An egg laying poultry is called egger or layer whereas broilers are reared for obtaining meat. So a layer should be able to produce more number of large sized eggs, without growing too much. On the other hand, a broiler should yield more meat and hence should be able to grow well.



1.)Layers are chickens raised to give eggs

1.)Broilers are reared for meat

2.)Layers are females

2.)They grow faster

3.)layers are slower in growth

3.)Their life span is no much longer

4.)They have more life span and produce eggs for 72 weeks of their age after attaining maturity

4.)Broilers may be female or males 

Answered by Ramandeep | 1st Jul, 2020, 07:59: PM