Sir, how wind energy is formed 

Asked by raoss1967 | 1st May, 2015, 02:39: PM

Expert Answer:

Air in motion is called wind. It possesses kinetic energy. Thus, it can be used to produce electricity.The kinetic energy of wind is is utilised to obtain wind energy.
Windmills are used to generate electricity from wind energy. A windmill is a simple machine with a structure similar to a large fan erected at some height. The rotatory motion of the windmill is utilised to run the turbine of an electric generator.The windmill can be used to run a pump in order to draw water from the ground. It can also be used to run a flour mill to grind grain.It is environment-friendly because it does not cause any pollution. Thus using a windmill, wind energy can be utilised to generate electricity.

Answered by Jyothi Nair | 4th May, 2015, 09:01: AM