sir , can you please solve two of these questions;- Question 1:-If the function f:{-1,1}-->{0,2} , defined by f(x)=ax+b is a surjection , then find a and b. Question 2:-If f(x)=cos(logx) , then show that f(1/x)f(1/y)-1/2[f(x/y)+f(xy)]=0

Asked by Bharadwaj.R.S | 6th Aug, 2010, 12:00: AM

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Dear Student
Pls raise only one question in a query.
Here i sthe solution of your first question
f(x) =ax+b
since f i s a surjection so f(-1)= 0 or -a+b=0 and f(1)=a+b=2 this gives a=b =1
or -a+b =2 or a+b =0 this gives a =-1 and b =1
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Answered by  | 6th Aug, 2010, 08:55: PM

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